How to Link Tasks Correctly in Microsoft Project

There are a number of traps that new MS Project users often fall into, with the result that the effectiveness of the software is severely restricted. One issue that frequently causes problems is the entering of data into the Task Sheet. At first glance it would appear that we need to enter start and finish dates for each task. However, this is exactly the wrong tactic as doing so causes constraints to be applied to the plan. Of course tasks need start & finish dates, but these are arrived at in Microsoft Project by determining task dependencies and then linking them appropriately.

There are 4 dependancy types:

  • Finish to Start
  • Start to Start
  • Finish to Finish
  • Start to Finish
Combining these dependencies allow project managers to link tasks together and produce an accurate, flexible plan of the project. Understanding task linkage is one of the key skills required in becoming a proficient MS Project user. If you would like more information about the training options available please use our contact page.